On this page you can find "Facial Recognition Vendor Test" reports and links to vendors developing face recognition technology. They are presented here in alphabetical order. Some of them were participants in the "Face Recognition Vendor Test - FRVT 2002" or in the NIST Face Recognition Grand Challenge - FRGC. Besides, please find here information about Multiple Biometric Grand Challenge - MBGC.


D.M. Blackburn, M. Bone, P.J. Phillips, Face Recognition Vendor Test 2000, Evaluation Report, 16 February 2001, 70 pages
download here, 6.41 MB

P.J. Phillips, P. Grother, R.J. Micheals, D.M. Blackburn, E. Tabassi, M. Bone, Face Recognition Vendor Test 2002, Evaluation Report, March 2003, 56 pages
download here, 4.23 MB

P. Grother, Face Recognition Vendor Test 2002 - Supplemental Report, NISTIR 7083, 02 February 2004, 34 pages
download here, 1.74 MB

P.J. Phillips, P.J. Flynn, T. Scruggs, K.W. Bowyer, W. Worek, Preliminary Face Recognition Grand Challenge Results, Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition, FGR06, Southampton, UK, 10-12 April 2006, pp. 15-24
download here, 1.19 MB

P.J. Phillips, W.T. Scruggs, A.J. O'Toole, P.J. Flynn, K.W. Bowyer, C.L. Schott, M. Sharpe, FRVT 2006 and ICE 2006 Large-Scale Results, 29 March 2007, NISTIR 7408, National Institute of Standards and Technology, 56 pages
download here, 1.28 MB


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