7 November 2021

New Database: Indian Institute of Science Indian Face Dataset (IISCIFD) added to "Databases" page.

24 May 2021

New Database: Sejong Face Database: A Multi-modal disguised face database (SFD) added to "Databases" page.

24 January 2021

img2pose code added to "Source Codes" page.

9 November 2020

New Database: Grammatical Facial Expressions Data Set added to "Databases" page.

20 July 2020

New Database: Indian Semi Acted Facial Expression Database (iSAFE) added to "Databases" page.

28 August 2019

New Database: VIP_attribute dataset added to "Databases" page.

30 January 2019

New Database: EURECOM Visible and Thermal paired Face database added to "Databases" page.

25 January 2019

New Database: NMAPS - NMAmit Photo Sketch database added to "Databases" page.

25 November 2018

New Database: BAUM-1: Bahcesehir University Multimodal Face Database of Spontaneous Affective and Mental States added to "Databases" page.

6 July 2018

New Database: Disguised Faces in the Wild added to "Databases" page.

9 June 2018

New Database: RAVDESS: Ryerson Audio-Visual Database of Emotional Speech and Song added to "Databases" page.

14 October 2017

New Database: The Makeup Induced Face Spoofing (MIFS) dataset added to "Databases" page.

27 August 2017

New Database: The IST-EURECOM Light Field Face Database added to "Databases" page.

22 August 2017

New Database: CyberExtruder Ultimate Face Matching Data Set added to "Databases" page.

9 July 2017

New Database: Specs on Faces (SoF) Dataset added to "Databases" page.

25 April 2017

New Database: Large Age-Gap Database (LAG) added to "Databases" page.

5 March 2017

Two code releases added to "Source Codes" page.

12 January 2017

Two New Databases: IIIT - Cartoon Faces in the Wild and Facial Expression Research Group Database added to "Databases" page.

16 October 2016

New Database: SEAS-FR-DB (School of Engineering & Applied Science - Face Video Database) added to "Databases" page.

26 August 2016

New Database: VT-AAST Bench-marking Dataset added to "Databases" page.

5 March 2016

Face Recognition Toolbox using Open Source Scilab Software (author: R. Senthilkumar) added to "Source Codes" page.

8 November 2015

New Database: UFI Database added to "Databases" page.

4 November 2015

New Database: CAFE Database added to "Databases" page.

26 October 2015

New Database: DMCSv1 Database added to "Databases" page.

5 April 2015

Three New Databases: BU-3DFE Database (Static Data), BU-4DFE Database (Dynamic Data), BP4D-Spontanous Database added to "Databases" page.

17 February 2015

Four New Databases: Indian Movie Face database (IMFDB), Labeled Wikipedia Faces (LWF), 10k US Adult Faces Database, Denver Intensity of Spontaneous Facial Action (DISFA) Database added to "Databases" page.

18 January 2015

New Database: LFW3D and Adience3D sets added to "Databases" page.

15 November 2014

New Database: FaceScrub - A Dataset With Over 100,000 Face Images of 530 People added to "Databases" page.

15 May 2014

New Database: SiblingsDB Database added to "Databases" page.

10 May 2014

New Database: McGill Real-world Face Video Database added to "Databases" page.

26 August 2013

New Database: 3D Mask Attack Database (3DMAD) added to "Databases" page.

11 June 2013

Three New Databases added to "Databases" page:

12 December 2012

Four New Databases added to "Databases" page:

18 November 2012

New Database: Long Distance Heterogeneous Face Database (LDHF-DB) added to "Databases" page.

4 November 2012

Two new books added to "Journal and Books" page.

20 May 2012

New Database: MORPH Database (Craniofacial Longitudinal Morphological Face Database) added to "Databases" page.

09 April 2012

Several links to Philipp Wagner's implementation methods and guides added to "Source Codes" page.

26 February 2012

The PhD (Pretty helpful Development) functions for face recognition toolbox (author: Vitomir Struc) added to "Source Codes" page.

15 January 2012

Link to Philipp Wagner's implementation of Eigenfaces and Fisherfaces methods with the OpenCV2 C++ API added to "Source Codes" page.

30 November 2011

Two New Databases: UMB database of 3D occluded faces and VADANA: Vims Appearance Dataset for facial ANAlysis added to "Databases" page.

20 October 2011

Update (version 2.0) of the INFace toolbox - a collection of Matlab functions for illumination invariant face recognition available on "Source Codes" page.

12 July 2011

New Database: ChokePoint added to "Databases" page.

6 June 2011

New Database: FEI Face Database added to "Databases" page.

17 April 2011

New Database: Natural Visible and Infrared facial Expression database (USTC-NVIE) added to "Databases" page.

16 January 2011

Face.com has been added to "Vendors" page. developers.face.com is available with a free REST API for software developers interested in face recognition.

28 December 2010

Four New Databases added to "Databases" page:

5 December 2010

Book Series Editor: Dr. Rastislav Lukac Foveon, Inc. / Sigma Corp. San Jose, California, USA
CRC Press / Taylor & Francis Book Series

21 November 2010

Call for Papers: Pattern Recognition Letters - Special Issue on Novel Pattern Recognition-Based Methods for Reidentification in Biometric Context

26 September 2010

"New papers" page updated (titles, authors and links to 130 new papers).

06 September 2010

New Database: The Iranian Face Database (IFDB) added to "Databases" page.

29 June 2010

New Database: Plastic Surgery Face Database added to "Databases" page.

16 June 2010

Link to Shervin Emami's tutorial and freeware C++ source-code for face detection and face recognition (using eigenfaces) added to "Source Codes" page.

29 January 2010

The INFace toolbox - a collection of Matlab functions for illumination invariant face recognition added to "Source Codes" page.

22 January 2010

New Database: SCface - Surveillance Cameras Face Database added to "Databases" page.

17 September 2009

The Basel Face Model (BFM) is added to "Databases" page.

4 December 2009

"New papers" page updated (title, authors and link to 140 new papers).

24 September 2009

PUT Face Database is added to "Databases" page.

07 August 2009

The LFWcrop database is added to "Databases" page.

06 August 2009

"Conferences" page updated.

29 April 2009

Highly Cited Papers subsection updated on "Interesting Papers" page.

01 April 2009

"Face Recognition" featured as the Special Topic of ScienceWatch.com in April 2009. It is accompanied by the Special Topic Interview with Dr. P. Jonathon Phillips, the scientist whose work ranks at #2 by total citations and #1 by cites per paper, according to Thomson Reuters analysis of face recognition research over the past decade.

20 March 2009

The Bosphorus Database is added to "Databases" page.

21 January 2009

"New papers" page updated (title, authors and link to 87 new papers).

05 January 2009

"Conferences" page updated.

18 December 2008

New book: Recent Advances in Face Recognition (eds: Kresimir Delac, Mislav Grgic and Marian Stewart Bartlett; published in December 2008) added to "Journals & Books" page. This book is a collection of 15 chapters (236 pages). The goal of this book is to provide the reader with the most up to date research performed in automatic face recognition. The chapters presented use innovative approaches to deal with a wide variety of unsolved issues. Book is a part of an open access project - you can download the whole book free of charge.

02 December 2008

"Vendors" page updated. Vendors are divided into three categories: "Face Recognition SDK Vendors", "Face Recognition Application Vendors" and "Face Recognition Associations".

17 May 2008

"New papers" page updated (title, authors and link to 60 papers).

Five new face databases added to "Databases" page.

30 March 2008

"Conferences" page updated.

14 March 2008

Two important Prof. Sirovich's and Prof. Kirby's papers added to "Interesting Papers" page.
Highly Cited Papers subsection updated.

26 November 2007

"Labeled Faces in the Wild" database is added to "Databases" page.

05 October 2007

"New papers" page updated - 86 papers and 2 special issues added !

28 September 2007

"Vendors", "Interesting Papers" (Cog.Vision/Psy./Neuro.) and "Algorithms" (Algorithm Comparisons) pages updated.

02 August 2007

New book: Face Recognition (published July 2007) added to "Journals & Books" page.

18 January 2007

"Source Codes" page established.

Two new subsections available on "Interesting Papers" page:
Highly Cited Papers and Published Items vs. Citations.

Top header on all subpages redesigned.

07 January 2007

"Newsgroup" page established. Here you can find information about new Face Recognition Research Community newsgroup.

"New papers" page updated - 94 papers added!

"Research Groups " page slightly redesigned.

26 December 2006

Call for Papers: IJPRAI Special Issue on Facial Image Processing and Analysis.

04 December 2006

Face Video Database of the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics is added to "Databases" page.

17 August 2006

New journal special issue added to "Journals & Books" page.

"Conferences" page updated.

"Vendors" page updated (special thanks to Justas Kranauskas).

10 June 2006

New book added to "Journals & Books" page.

21 March 2006

Changes on "Algorithms" page - Boosting & Ensemble Solutions added.

Important Editorial published in the Pattern Recognition Letters.
More information on "New papers" page.

03 March 2006

"Conferences" page updated. Submission deadlines added.

30 January 2006

"Research Groups" page updated.

Standards sub-section added to "Interesting Papers" page.

Georgia Tech Face Database is added to "Databases" page.

21 January 2006

"New papers" and "Journals & Books" pages updated.

UCD VALID and UCD Color Image Database are added to "Databases" page.

08 January 2006

"Research Groups" page updated. EQUINOX HID Face Database is added to "Databases" page.

14 November 2005

"Conferences" page updated.

29 August 2005

"Research Groups" and "Conferences" pages updated.

16 August 2005

"New papers" page updated.

28 July 2005

CAS-PEAL Face Database is added to "Databases" page.

"Research Groups" page updated.

18 July 2005

Changes on "Algorithms" page - Trace Transform added and Algorithms Comparisons updated.

"Research Groups" page updated.

23 June 2005

"Research Groups" page updated and redesigned.

17 June 2005

A good initiative:

The official ad:


The Center of Biological and Computational Learning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is conducting research on systems for automatic face recognition. We ask you to support our effort in building a face database by submitting your face image to our website. The submission deadline is end of June.

Every participant will enter our prize drawing at the end of the study. The winner has the choice between the new NOKIA 770 Internet Tablet, the Canon PowerShot SD400, and the iPod Photo 30GB.

If you are interested please go to http://capraia.mit.edu/

Thanks for your help!


"Vendros" page updated.

25 May 2005

"Algorithms", "Conferences" and "Journals & Books" pages updated.

11 May 2005

"New papers" and "Journals & Books" pages updated.

18 April 2005

IEEE International Workshop on Analysis and Modeling of Faces and Gestures included on "Conferences" page. Workshop will be held on 16 October 2005, Beijing, China, in conjunction with ICCV-2005.

25 March 2005

"Algorithms", "New papers" and "Related Links" pages updated.

17 March 2005

MIT-CBCL Face Recognition Database is added to "Databases" page.

"Research Groups" page updated.

15 March 2005

"Vendros" page updated.

"New papers" page updated.

11 March 2005

Three new pages are added to Face Recognition Homepage:

1. "New Papers" - most recent advances in face recognition published in the last six months or so in high impact factor journals;

2. "Vendors" - vendors developing face recognition technology;

3. "New @ face-rec.org" - what has been changed on Face Recognition Homepage.

Cohn-Kanade database is added to "Databases" page.

10 March 2005

Two new books added to "Journals & Books" page, section "Related Books".

07 March 2005

Several papers added to "Algorithms" and "Interesting Papers" pages.

02 March 2005

IEEE Workshop on Face Recognition Grand Challenge Experiments included on "Conferences" page. Workshop will be held on 21 June 2005, San Diego, CA, USA, in conjunction with CVPR 2005.

01 March 2005

Face Recognition Homepage launched. Web-site: http://www.face-rec.org/


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