28 August 2018

New Database: VIP_attribute dataset added to "Databases" page.

30 January 2019

New Database: EURECOM Visible and Thermal paired Face database added to "Databases" page.

25 January 2019

New Database: NMAPS - NMAmit Photo Sketch database added to "Databases" page.

25 November 2018

New Database: BAUM-1: Bahcesehir University Multimodal Face Database of Spontaneous Affective and Mental States added to "Databases" page.

6 July 2018

New Database: Disguised Faces in the Wild added to "Databases" page.

9 June 2018

New Database: RAVDESS: Ryerson Audio-Visual Database of Emotional Speech and Song added to "Databases" page.

14 October 2017

New Database: The Makeup Induced Face Spoofing (MIFS) dataset added to "Databases" page.

27 August 2017

New Database: The IST-EURECOM Light Field Face Database added to "Databases" page.

22 August 2017

New Database: CyberExtruder Ultimate Face Matching Data Set added to "Databases" page.

9 July 2017

New Database: Specs on Faces (SoF) Dataset added to "Databases" page.

25 April 2017

New Database: Large Age-Gap Database (LAG) added to "Databases" page.

5 March 2017

Two code releases added to "Source Codes" page.