7 November 2021

New Database: Indian Institute of Science Indian Face Dataset (IISCIFD) added to "Databases" page.

24 May 2021

New Database: Sejong Face Database: A Multi-modal disguised face database (SFD) added to "Databases" page.

24 January 2021

img2pose code added to "Source Codes" page.

9 November 2020

New Database: Grammatical Facial Expressions Data Set added to "Databases" page.

20 July 2020

New Database: Indian Semi Acted Facial Expression Database (iSAFE) added to "Databases" page.

28 August 2019

New Database: VIP_attribute dataset added to "Databases" page.

30 January 2019

New Database: EURECOM Visible and Thermal paired Face database added to "Databases" page.

25 January 2019

New Database: NMAPS - NMAmit Photo Sketch database added to "Databases" page.